Eye Bags – Causes & Remedies

Everyone wants to look their best, but when you wake up in the morning, take a look in the mirror and see bags or dark under eye circles, you need a quick way to reduce the puffiness and conceal the dark areas. People with eye bags or dark circles can look older or tired. Sometimes people may think the person is ill. They are unattractive and do nothing for a person’s self-esteem. There are products to lessen the puffiness and some creams that claim to fade dark circles, but these can be expensive. There are items in your home that can help you combat eye bags and dark circles, and little things you can do prevent them. First, you need to know what causes eye bags and dark circles.

The Causes

One of the major causes is aging. Unfortunately, aging does change the way our skin behaves and the skin under the eyes is no exception. The muscles supporting the tissue structures of the eyelids weaken, causing sagging for both the upper and lower lids. The fat that is normally around the eyes begins to move below the eyes, leaving the skin unsupported.  In addition, the space under the eye can collect fluids, giving eyes a puffy, swollen appearance.  There are also several other causes for under eye bags:

Sleeping PositionHeredity
Lack of SleepHormonal Imbalance
Fluid RetentionAnemia
AllergiesCaffeine Consumption
StressNutritional Deficiency
SmokingAlcohol Consumption
AgingRubbing The Eyes
Kidney ProblemsUnderlying Medical Conditions

Eye Creams

Eye creams can help you by speeding up the recovery process and by temporarily reducing the appearance of eye bags. Unfortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of different eye creams available out there and some can be much more effective than others. Every year, we go through thousands of online reviews in order to find out what are the top 3 best-rated eye creams online. This year, we found that the best eye cream is: Eye Cream by Revitol.

Revitol has the ability to treat eye bags (puffiness), dark circles and wrinkles at the same time by moisturizing and healing the affected area with the cream’s formula. Revitol also seems to work better on different types of skin compared to its cheaper counterparts. It retails for about 38$ a jar and comes with amazing discounts if you decide to buy more than one jar. This is a tiny price to pay for a flawlessly looking skin and a beautiful face.

EyeBags.org’s Top-Rated Eye Cream for 2012

Revitol was created by one of America’s premier anti-aging skin care companies. They have succeeded at creating a powerful intensive eye cream that effectively combats not one but THREE of the most aggravating beauty problems…under eye dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles.

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The runners up were Eyelasticity and Skinception

Making a few lifestyle changes can help you prevent eye bags.

Healthy Diet TomatoMaintain a Healthy Diet. You can make some changes in your diet or daily activities that can help reduce the occurrence of eye bags. Dietary changes such as eating a well balanced diet and avoiding as many processed foods as possible can help. In today’s fast paced world, eating right isn’t always possible, but making small changes can get you on your way.

Keep Yourself Hydrated. Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water every day in order to keep your body well hydrated. You can also eat fruits and vegetable that contains a high amount of water to hydrate your body. If you have an unhealthy diet and your body is not well hydrated this step is a must do in order to reduce eye bags and improve your lifestyle in general. Lowering salt and caffeine intake can also help by reducing body water retention.

Rest is Essential. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. For adults this is a full seven to eight hours a night. Stress can keep a person from getting adequate rest. If you are stressed, a doctor may be able to give you advice or medications to help you sleep. Meditation is another way to help the body relax and help you sleep. Trying a few deep, slow breaths can also help. Note that oversleeping (over 10 hours a day) can cause eye bags as well.

 Other Things To Do. Other little things you can do include using an extra pillow so you don’t sleep flat on your back. The extra pillow will help you keep the bodily fluids from accumulating in the under-eye area which in return forms eye bags. If you have allergies, see your doctor. Sometimes just controlling the allergies will reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles.

Lifestyle changes are one of the best methods for treating under eye bags, especially when they are hereditary.

Treating them at home

Cold Compresses. Cold compresses help reduce puffiness. The coolness helps increase circulation in the area making eye bags less noticeable. Use a wet washcloth moistened with cool water and hold it to the under eye area using slight pressure. Another option is to keep a spoon in the freezer and use it on the area when bags appear.

Vegetable Remedies. Some remedies for eye bags are thing you already have on hand. Potato or cucumber slices placed on the eyes for about 15 minutes will help. Used tea bags placed under the eyes helps reduce puffiness. The tannin in the tea bags not only helps with puffiness but also reduce dark circles.

Moisturizing Creams. Hemorrhoid cream applied under the eye area will tighten the skin and reduce swelling under the eyes. Reach for a light, gel based moisturizer for the eyes, instead of one made with heavy oils.

Doctors can help when other methods fail.

medical skin treatmentUse surgical options as a last resort, when all other remedies or lifestyle changes have failed. If you have surgery done, but do not make changes to prevent the eye bags or if they are caused by a nutritional deficiency, they are likely to reappear. Too cure your eye bags, you have to eliminate the cause whether it is lack of sleep, allergies or any of the other possible causes.

Medical treatments: There several medical options available for people concerned with their appearance. They include chemical peels and laser resurfacing to tighten the skin and improve it tone.

Surgical options: Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgical procedure to help remove eye bags. A surgeon removes the excess fat and sagging skin. This procedure can help correct baggy, puffy or sagging skin on the upper eyelids, and remove excess skin or droopiness in the lower lids.

When to see your doctor

If you have made lifestyle changes and adopted better eating habits and began eliminating the causes of eye bags and still have them, you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Once it is determined what is causing the eye bags, your doctor can suggest treatments for your specific condition. If you have an underlying health cause, treating it will help reduce and maybe even cure your eye bag problem. Some health concerns that are associated with eye bags include:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Chagas Disease
  • Trichinosis
  • Periorbital cellulitis

While these conditions will accompany other symptoms and generally cause puffiness around the entire eye, it is possible they can go unnoticed and not thought of right away with the appearance of eye bags.

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