Cold Treatment to Reduce Eye Bags

Puffy, swollen eyes can often be reduced before they turn into heavy, full blown eye bags through simple home remedies. Many of these remedies involve the application of cold objects or substances to cool the area.

These cold treatments may involve using spoons, sliced cucumber or cold compresses using a range of ingredients. Some of the most commonly used and most effective cold treatments are detailed below.

Cold Treatments

  • Spoons One of the simplest methods is to place two spoons into the freezer until they have fully absorbed the cold. The backs of the spoons are then gently pressed against the puffed out areas below the eyes, Moving them gently to allow the swelling to be reached from varying angles for just a couple of minutes will serve to soothe the area and improve circulation.
  • Cucumber Thinly sliced, very cold cucumber placed onto the swollen area and all around the eye for around 15 minutes has the same cooling, soothing effect, as well as allowing the astringent properties of the cucumber to work on the skin.
  • Potato Thin slices of raw potato equally soothe tender skin in the eye area, while drawing out fluids.
  • Iced Water Cold compresses prepared simply from cotton pads dipped into iced water or very cold milk and squeezed out just enough to stop them from dripping can be placed onto the whole of the eye area for as long as 20 minutes to achieve the same cooling effect.
  • Rosewater And Witch Hazel Combining the astringent qualities of rosewater and witch hazel by preparing a solution of equal parts and soaking a cotton pad with it will again assist in reducing eye bags through a soothing, cooling action. The cotton pad is left on the eyes for no more than 15 minutes in this case.
  • Herbal Cold Compresses Infusions of dill, chamomile or rosemary, prepared by steeping a couple of spoonfuls of each herb in a pint of boiling water, then straining and cooling them to near freezing temperatures can also be used for cold compresses. Especially chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties particularly suited to reduce eye bags and provide soothing relief.
  • Cold Tea Bags Cold tea bags equally soothe the area by cooling it, as well as drawing out excess fluid through their caffeine content and fighting free radicals promoting premature aging with antioxidants also present within them.
  • Cold Washing Giving the face a cold wash using mild soap first thing in the morning promotes blood circulation and and subsequently the distribution of oxygen into the tissue surrounding the eyes.
  • Eye Massage Giving the inner corners of the eyes a gentle massage in the process of cold washing will further enhance this effect. In addition, this will assist the distribution of fluids and lymph drainage.

Once the face has been rinsed thoroughly, it should be dabbed dry with a soft cotton towel. Rubbing the face, in particular around the eyes, should be avoided as it will stress and irritate the sensitive skin in this area.

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