Eye Creams for Sensitive Eyes

The skin located around the eyes can safely be regarded as the thinnest, most sensitive layer of skin found anywhere on the body. This makes it necessary to take particular care of it to prevent premature aging.

Slapping any old moisturiser or cream on it may, however, cause the user more problems than anticipated. A cream that is working perfectly well for the rest of the face may not necessarily be suitable for this extremely sensitive zone.

This is the reason why many excellent creams have been designed specifically for the area around the eyes. Finding the right cream for the sensitive skin in this area is vital to maintain a healthy, youthful look around the eyes.

What to look for in Eye Creams

  • Hypo Allergenic Any cream that is not clearly labelled as hypo allergenic should be left well alone. While the rest of the face may be forgiving, this very sensitive area is not and using a non-hypo allergenic cream may result in burning, irritation and generally very unhappy skin.
  • Ph Balance An eye cream should also have a carefully balance Ph factor. Cream that is too acidic or too alkaline will again result in irritation, ultimately promoting premature aging.
  • General Ingredients The ingredients of a good eye cream should not only be limited, as too many ingredients can again cause irritation, they should also be of high quality, pure and preferably natural.
  • Oil or Water Base It has been shown that oil based creams can have a negative impact on the skin in this sensitive zone. It is therefore advisable to choose water based products.
  • Elastin and Collagen Both elastin and collagen are substances produced by cells within the skin to maintain elasticity and stength. Eye creams should contain agents that will stimulate production of these substances to assist the sensitive skin in remaining healthy.

Vitamins and Elements

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are particularly beneficial to sensitive skin and should therefore be present within eye creams.

  • Retinol Fibroblasts are parts of the human skin cells which are responsible for collagen production. Retinol, an agent present in most good eye creams, stimulates fibroblast production, subsequently stimulating production of collagen.
  • Peptides Other creams use peptides to stimulate collagen producing cells, again assisting the sensitive skin in remaining tight and resisting premature aging.
  • Elastin The production of a substance known as elastin, an agent providing skin with elasticity, is stimulated and enhanced by creams containing copper, zinc and vitamin C.
  • Free Radicals So-called free radicals can damage sensitive skin and cause it to age prematurely. Creams enriched with vitamin E are perfect for repair and prevention of this kind of damage, while assisting in the prevention of fluid retention.
  • Cooling Action Aloe vera is an excellent addition to eye creams, as its anti-inflammatory properties provide a cooling, soothing effect particularly beneficial to sensitive skin.
  • Circulation Extracts of gynostemma or ginseng enhance blood flow and oxygen distribution, two vital properties for sensitive eye skin creams.
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