Facial Exercises

Eyes are the focal point of the face and heavy eye bags can produce an overall haggard, tired look. The sensitive skin around the eyes is particularly prone to premature aging, often a direct cause of these unsightly, puffy eye bags.

This is, however, something that can not only be avoided by looking after it through regular application of suitable moisturisers, but also through a daily exercise routine. This is not the kind of exercise routine performed in a gym, but facial exercises that can be done at home, in the office or on the beach.

Facial Exercises

  • Objective The following exercises are specifically designed to tone the muscles around the eyes, maintain the skin’s elasticity and prevent fluid retention within the tissue surrounding the eyes.
  • Simplicity These exercises are simple, yet effective, while taking just minutes to perform the whole routine. This makes them perfect to be fitted into even the busiest of days. All of them are performed while sitting upright, so they can be done anywhere.

Specific Eye Exercises

  • Eye Exercise One Pressing two fingers on each temple and rapidly opening and closing the eyes will gently tone the muscles around the eyes. This process should be repeated five times.
  • Eye Exercise Two For this exercise, the eyes are kept closed while looking down and up as far as possible without moving the head. Also an effective muscle toner, this exercise should be repeated ten times.
  • Eye Exercise Three The third exercise is also performed with they eyes closed. This time, the eye brows are raised as high as they will go, while the lids are stretched down low. This position is held to the count of five and is repeated five times, relaxing the eyes between each count.
  • Eye Exercise Four For this exercise, the eyes remain open. Again, the eyebrows are raised; both the upper lids are half closed, followed by opening the eyes wide enough for the white showing above the iris. Relax and repeat, up to five times.
  • Eye Exercise Five With open eyes, this exercise involves alternating between looking straight ahead and looking up and down without any head movement. After repeating this ten times, a set alternating looking straight ahead, left and right without moving the head is also repeated ten times.

Combining these eye exercises with the following forehead exercises will ultimately result in visible reduction of both wrinkles and eye bags and a far more alert, youthful look inviting compliments, rather than uninvited suggestions of needed rest.

  • Forehead Exercise One This first forehead exercise involves frowning hard, bringing the eyebrows close together and right over the eyes, then lifting them high while opening the eyes wide. After relaxing, the process is repeated, for a total of five times.
  • Forehead Exercise Two Here, the eyebrows are brought down towards the eyes, the nose is wrinkled up and the nostrils are flared. This position should be held to the count of ten and relaxed. The total process is repeated five times.
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