Natural Remedies for Eye Bags

by Genie on October 23, 2011

Eye bags are caused by the fatty tissue below the skin retaining fluid and creating a puffy look. In time, the continual stretching of the skin, combined with either natural or premature aging results in the skin simply not springing back into its normal position and sagging down to create the bags.

Home Remedies

Everyone seems to have their very own, personal remedy for eye bags, but some remedies are more common than others. How well they will work in reducing bags depends whether accompanying life style changes have been made.

Essential Changes Before considering any kind of remedy, home made or of the shelf, it is necessary to ensure that one’s life style will not counteract such treatments. This includes getting enough sleep, getting enough fluids to remain hydrated, giving up smoking and reducing salt, alcohol and caffeine intake.

Plenty of fresh air and regular exercise are also essential, as is a healthy and balanced diet. Reducing stress to a minimum, hard as this may be today, will also assist the process, if in no other way than promoting better, more restful sleep.

Natural Treatments

The most common treatments for eye bags usually involve using something cold to soothe the area.

Spoons By placing ice cold spoons onto the eye bags, gently rolling their backs over and around the area, irritations and inflammation will be soothed, gradually serving to reduce the swelling.

Tea Bags Using tea bags, a very old remedy known to just about every person on the planet, will not only cool the area, but draw out excess fluid and provide anti-oxidants necessary to repair damage.

Cold Compress A compress made with very cold milk will provide nutrients and reduce swelling through the cooling action.

Herbal Treat A chamomile compress prepared by making an infusion and letting it get cold before soaking a cotton pad with it will again cool the area, while also bringing the chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties into action.

Cucumber Applying slices of cold cucumber provides vitamins, anti-oxidants and cools the area, encouraging healing and reducing swelling in the process.

Potato Thinly sliced raw potato will draw out excess fluid, provide nutrients and cool the skin, promoting natural healing and reducing the bags through the cooling effect as well.

Aloe Vera This natural extract has both cooling and moisturizing qualities. A generous helping of gel will reduce fluid retention and cool the area sufficiently to reduce swelling.

Acupressure This method, using the application of gentle pressure to certain points around the eye, is perfect for improving circulation, toning muscles aroun dthe eye and releasing vital energies.

Natural Eye Creams A good, pure eye cream specifically formulated for eye bag reduction will provide essential nutrients, anti-oxidants and so forth, stimulating the skin into creating what it needs to become strong and flexible again, as well as providing cooling and moisture.

The creams meant to be applied at night will provide the best healing effects, while day creams provide a fresh look and protection during the day.

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