Organic Eye Creams

Organic eye creams consist of only the purest, natural ingredients and are free from perfums and synthetic additives. In other words, compounds within organic eye creams have been derived from organic substances which are naturally compatible to and can be easily absorbed by the skin without causing negative side effects.

The Best Compounds found in Eye Creams

Some of the best organic compounds to be found in some of the best currently available eye creams are represented by a substance generally known as Eyeliss, a natural copper based compound, and Hydroxyl, anotherĀ  exceptionally effective organic peptide. Vitamin K is another very effective addition to organic creams.

  • Eyeliss Weak capillary walls and poor lymph drainage are the main causes of dark circles and/ or bags under the eyes. This copper based peptide is used to penetrate deep into the skin to strengthen capillary walls and assist lymph drainage.
  • Hydroxyl This peptide, also derived only from natural substances, penetrates the skin right down to DNA level and assists in breaking down pigments leading to discolouration. It is believeded that this compound is able to repair fluid leakages in capillaries through strengthening, or reinforcing, capillary walls.
  • Vitamin K By adding vitamin K derived from organic sources, the skin is assisted in naturally regenerating, thereby repairing and strengthening capillary walls and reducing the risk of escaping fluid.

Advantages of good Organic Eye Creams

  • Hypo Allergenic Properties Most allergic reactions are caused by synthetic compounds within creams, as these compounds do not always agree with, or are compatible to, the human skin. The fact that organic creams do not contain synthetic substances makes them hypo allergenic, thereby avoiding the risk of irritation, rashes and other adverse reactions.
  • Absorption Rate Organic compounds are more readily absorbed by the skin, as it has natural receptors for these compounds. This allows the compounds to penetrate deeper into the skin and work from within, rather than just affecting the outer layer, making them more effective.
  • Natural Responses Organic compounds trigger natural responses, such as improved drainage, regeneration and strengthening of capillaries, encourament of elastin and collagen production, etc, within the skin. Synthetic ingredients are likely to force unnatural chemical reactions or overload it with various substances, rather than encouraging natural production, which can ultimately lead to more problems than benefits.
  • Results Due to the fact that the skin readily accepts organic compounds and they are subsequently able to penetrate deeply into it and stimulate natural processes, the results of using organic creams are based on natural processes and are therefore far more effective and longer lasting than synthetic creams.

Organic Creams

To sum it up, organic creams are based on natural ingredients that are able to work from deep within the skin. Rather than overloading the skin with additional, often unnecessary and irritating substances, they stimulate it into producing its own natural defences and allow it to regenerate and heal itself. Rather than masking problems, organic creams assist the skin in dealing with them, resulting in naturally youthful skin.

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