Reducing Eye Bags with Acupressure

Acupressure is a technique applying pressure with the fingers and, although originally an art for healing, can be used for anti-aging and beauty treatments. Self-acupressure exercises are a simply, quick and effective method of reducing eye bags and dark circles around the eyes.

The application of pressure to the right spots located around the eyes assists the drainage of lymph and various other secretions, dust, toxins and so on, as well as improving circulation and, most importantly, strengthening and balancing the flow of vital energy within this zone.

Locating the Correct Pressure Points

  • Above the Eye The correct pressure points can be found by following the bone of the eye socket. As the bone is followed, three indentations will be noted, one in the inner corner of the eye, one directly above the iris and the third one near the outer corner of the eye. These indentations are the points at which to apply the pressure.
  • Below the Eye Following the eye socket again, three more indentations more or less exactly opposite the top ones can be found. These represent the pressure points for the lower section of the eye.

Using Acupressure

It should be noted that the pressure should be applied with the pad of the finger, rather than the fingertip, as this is too harsh. The sequence described here should be applied twice a day for one to two weeks, depending on the severity of the eye bags.

After this period, the achieved youthful look can be maintained by performing the routing once a day or even as little as two or three times a week.

Acupressure Sequence to reduce Eye Bags

  • Pressure Point One After locating the pressure point in the inner corner above the eyes, gentle, even pressure is applied and kept to the count of ten. The pressure is relaxed and then repeated twice more.
  • Pressure Point Two The next step is to locate the indentation along the eye socket, this time the central point below the iris. Again, the pressure is applied three times, each time to the count of ten.
  • Pressure Point Three The same steps are then applied to the pressure point situated near the outer corners below the eyes.
  • Pressure Point Four Moving on to the indentation located on the outer corners above the eyes, the pressure here is only applied twice.
  • Temple Massage Following this, the temples are gently massaged with the eyes closed. The massage should be gentle and continued to the count of ten, after relaxing for a moment, it should be repated twice more, each time relaxing after ten.
  • Eyelid Massage Taking care to be extremely gentle, the eyelids are given a massage with small circular movements to finish the sequence. This not only relaxes the eyes, but also assists with lymph drainage.

Vision may be a little blurred for a minute or two after these pressure exercises. This is not only normal; it is actually a good sign that the sequence was performed correctly.

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