Remedies and Treatment for Eye Bags

Puffy, tired looking eyes or eye bags can have a host of different causes, from lack of sleep, dehydration and the normal aging process to chronic sinus conditions and nasal allergies.

While the only long lasting cure for serious eye bags caused by fatty tissue and weakened ligaments is surgery, there are many treatments promising, if temporary, relief and reduction of eye bags.

Natural Home Remedies

There are a few simple remedies a sufferer from eye bags can try to reduce their bags, but it should be noted that none of them will provide over-night miracle results. They will take time and persistence to bring relief, rather than permanently curing eyebags.

Every person’s skin is different and the puffy eyes, or bags, may have different causes, so not every remedy is likely to work for everyone. It is a matter of trying out a few different methods and determining what works best in each case.

Life Style Changes

One of the first things to do when trying to reduce eye bags or puffy areas is to take a close look at one’s life style and consider whether changes may be needed here.

  • Exercise Increasing exercises and getting more fresh air are some of the steps required to help in the reduction of bags under one’s eyes. Exercises will stimulate the body’s circulation all round and ensure every part of the body is supplied with plenty of oxygen, as will getting more fresh air.
  • Sleep Sleep is needed by the body to regenerate. Stress, discomfort and a range of other factors, such as too much caffeine during the day or difficulties in breathing because of a cold or allergy, can disturb an individual’s normal sleeping pattern.

Ensuring comfort, reducing stress by relaxing for a while before attemting to sleep and reducing caffeine intake during the day are therefore essential to allow for restful, rejuvenating sleep. An extra pillow to elevate the head more during the night may help if puffy eyes are caused by fluid retention or sinus conditions and allergies.

  • Smoking and Alcohol Nicotin reduces collagen and decreases the body’s capacity to adequately circulate blood cells. This makes it one of the main contributors to puffy eyes.

Alcohol can not only disrupt normal sleeping patterns, it also dehydrates the body and causes it to retain fluid. It subsequently reduces the body’s ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself.

  • Healthy Eating Switching to a healthier diet consisting of natural, fresh vitamin and mineral rich foods and reducing salt intake equally promotes health throughout the body, including the skin, and subsequently assists in the prevention and reduction of eye bags.
  • Water Sufficient intake of water is vital to keep every part of the body healthy. It not only keeps the body hydrated, it also stimulates the kidneys into efficient action, thereby helping to detoxify the body.

The average adult should drink at least 2.5 l, or approximately 85 fl oz of water per day. Combining the water with sugar free cordials or herbal teas and infusions will make it much easier to drink that much water in a day, while at the same time adding extra vitamins and positive herbal properties to one’s diet.

Cold Treatments

  • Cold Spoons and Teabags Ice-cold spoons placed over the bags for two minutes will cool and refresh the area, as will partly frozen tea-bags or slices of cucumber, ultimately resulting in reduced puffiness.
  • Cold Compresses Cold compresses prepared either simply with iced water or extremely cold milk and placed onto the closed eyes for around 15 up to 20 minutes will soothe the eye and reduce that swollen, puffy look.
  • Witch Hazel and Rosewater Witch hazel and rosewater, combined in equal parts and soaked into cotton, then placed over the closed eyes – this time for only 10 to maybe 15 minutes – will have a similar effect.
  • Massage Washing the face with cool water and a very mild soap will improve overall complexion. A gentle, soothing massage around the eyes’ inner corner while washing will increase lymphatic flow and distribute fluid.

Herbal and other Natural Remedies

  • Potato or Cucumber Thinly sliced potatoes or cucumber placed all around the eye are are very successful in bringing relief from puffy eyes for many individuals.

The idea is to recline, place the slices over the closed eyes and leave them there for 30 minutes. Listening to some relaxing music during this time will help to calm the mind and reduce stress, too

  • Chamomile, Rosemary or Dill Herbal compresses prepared from infusions of chamomile, rosemary or dill provide soothing relief and will, if applied at regular intervals, slowly reduce the puffy appearance. To prepare an infusion, a couple of teaspoons of the dried herb should be steeped in a pint of boiling water and left to cool. After straining, a soft cotton cloth or a cotton pad is soaked in the liquid, squeezed out and applied to the eyes for 15 to maybe around 20 minutes.
  • Essential Oils An alternative is to use essential oils instead of dried herbs. Users should, however, be aware that essential oils need to be treated with extrem care.

Chamomile, for instance, should be avoided during pregnancy, as should rosemary, which is also unsuitable for breast-feeding mothers and epileptics.In any case, a single drop or two at the most added to a bowl of tepid water is sufficient to do the job.

Vitamins and Herbal Supplements

  • Ginseng Supplements containing Ginseng and/ or gynostemma improve pore condition and skin circulation in general by enhancing blood flow and and ensuring oxygen is delivered deep into tissues.
  • Vitamin C This vitamin, as well as copper and zinc containing supplements will assist the body in creating elastin. Elastin is utilized by the body to keep skin healthy and tight.
  • Other Vitamins and Elements Vitamins K and B complex and elements like selenium are also proven to have a positive effect in reducing discoloration and puffiness.

Creams and Serums

  • Vitamin E This vitamin can repair and block damage of free radicals, which assists in reducing swelling and discoloration. The pure oil can be squeezed out of a capsule and applied directly to the affected area. Creams containing vitamin E are also very effective.
  • Aloe Vera Creams or gels containing aloe vera, which has anti-inflammatory properties, have a cooling, soothing effect which ultimately results in a reduction of the size of eye bags.
  • Retinol This agent frequently found in creams or serums reduces fluids and stimulates so-called fibroblasts, which in turn will produce more collagen to assist the skin in remaining tight.
  • Peptide Eye Creams Eye creams containing peptides are excellent solutions to fight loss of collagen. The peptides stimulate cells responsible for producing more collagen, thereby tightening the skin.
  • Sunscreens Avoiding too much exposure to sun and using a sunscreen that has been fortified with antioxidants and vitamin C around the eyes will prevent premature aging of the sensitive skin around this area, as will regular application of a good moisturiser.

Quick Fixes

  • Concealers Using concealers that are green tinted or white underneath the normal make-up will provide a quick fix until bags can be reduced more efficiently through some of the above methods. Choosing a concealer containing chamomile adds the soothing, healing effect of this herb and helps to reduce eye bags while hiding them.
  • Make-up Whenever feasible, hypoallergenic make-up should be used and oil-based products should be avoided as much as possible, as some of the oils used can increase swelling or puffiness.

Underlying Medical Causes

If eye bags have appeared surprisingly quickly, or if all of the suggest remedies fail to have any kind of impact, it is advisable to consider seeking medical advice, as an underlying medical condition may be the cause.

  • Possible Causes Slow or under-active thyroids and kidney infections or other kidney-related problems are known to be contributors to eye bags and should be diagnosed and treated professionally as soon as possible.

Surgical Treatment

If there are no underlying causes and it is simply too late to effectively reduce eye bags through natural remedies, the individual will have to decide whether they can live with simply concealing them as much as possible, or if they prefer to invest thousands of dollars into a surgical eye lift.

  • Melting the Fat A surgical eye lift involves the insertion of a minute electrical probe straight into the puffed up area and melting the fat contained therein. While this is normally sufficient in the treatment of eye bags in younger people, an older person may also require a little tuck.
  • Tuck and Pull For this, a tiny little tuck is placed either just below or inside the line of the lower lashes and excess skin is pulled up. According to surgeons, the resulting smooth, young looking appearance should last for at least 20 years, if not longer.
  • Cost and Risks Considering both the cost and the usual risks involved in any surgery, this is regarded as a last resort.
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