Tea Bag Remedy

Puffy areas under the eyes, or eye bags, not only give a face an older appearance, they can also be extremely annoying as people are constantly suggesting one should have a holiday because of the tired look they cause.

There are a multitude of different home remedies to combat eye bags, but one of the most commonly known and effective methods uses tea bags.

Why Tea Bags work

  • Caffeine and Tannin The concentrations of caffeine and tannin in tea bags soothe and reduce eye bags by drawing out and diminishing fluid within the sensitive tissue around the eyes. Fluid retention is alleviated through this action, effectively reducing the puffiness.
  • Antioxidants Tea also has potent antioxidant properties, assisting in fighting free radicals, which tend to develop in sensitive and aging skin, leading to premature aging and problems with puffy eyes.
  • Cooling As the tea bags are obviously allowed to cool before placing them onto the skin, they also serve to cool the area, which enhances the overall soothing effect. Many advocates of this remedy suggest part freezing the tea bags to further enhance this cooling action.

Types of Tea

  • White or Green Tea These two types of tea have the highest astringent and antioxidant properties and are therefore excellent choices to combat the free radicals mentioned above.
  • Black Tea Using black tea means having high concentrations of caffeine and tannin, excellent for drawing out fluid, stimulating blood flow and consequently reducing the eye bags.

How to use Tea Bags

  • Preparation The first step is to simply make a cup of tea, obviously without adding milk and/ or sugar. For the best results, both for the cup of tea and the eye application, they should be removed after about five to no more than eight minutes.
  • Cooling The wet, but not dripping tea bags are then allowed to cool either naturally or in the freezer. It is important not to leave them in the freezer too long, as they will not mould nicely to the shape of the eye if they get too stiff. The cup of tea can be enjoyed while waiting.
  • Application Once cooled enough, the tea bags are placed onto the closed eyes and left there for at least ten minutes, although fifteen minutes will be even better. To avoid family members dissolving in heaps of giggles, it may be a good idea to do this when nobody is around!
  • The Results of the Tea Bag Remedy
  • No Miracles This, like most other home remedies, is not an instant miracle cure and will not remove eye bags completely over night.
  • Perseverance It is certainly necessary to persevere with this remedy and create a regular routine, but frequent application will ultimately see real results in the reduction of eye bags.
  • Daily Me-Time Making this remedy part of a daily me-time routine will not only show benefits through the application, but also allows for a specific down-time where stress and other causes of eye bags are simultaneously combatted.
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