Using Concealers to Mask Eye Bags

While there are many remedies to reduce eye bags/dark circles over a prolonged period of time, there is very little advice on how to get rid of them quickly. In fact, it is not so much a lack of information as the fact that once they are beginning to develop, it takes a while to reduce them again.

For a quick fix, just to hide those bags until they can be effectively reduced, concealers are the best possible solution. This throws up another question or two, namely what kind of concealer to choose and how best to apply it.

Choosing the Right Concealer

  • Concealer Sticks While concealer sticks do supply adequate coverage, they can on occasion start to melt half way through the day, making matters even worse. In addition, some of them do create quite a bit of drag while being applied, further adding to the stretching of the skin and ultimately making bags worse.
  • Concealers in Pots The best possible concealers to use come in pots and are applied with special concealer brushes. This allows for light, non-caking application with the least amount of drag on the skin.
  • Chamomile Choosing a concealer that has chamomile as an added ingredient will not only hide eye bags, but actively work on reducing them due to the soothing, healing effect of this herb.

Finding the Right Colour

  • White Concealer White or slightly green tinted concealers are recommended as being the most effective colours to hide eye bags by most sources. If the bags are accompanied by deep discoloration, however, they may not work quite as well.
  • Salmon Concealers Many individuals suffering from a combination of dark rings and eye bags swear by salmon coloured concealers, although a darker skinned person may find that this highlights the area, rather than hiding it.
  • Skin Tones The general consensus seems to be that the best way to conceal eye bags with dark discoloration is to select a colour as close to the normal skin tone as possible.

The perfect colour will blend well with the rest of the skin while concealing the bluish colour of the bags. Which colour is ultimately the most suitable one subsequently depends on each individual and may involve a little trial and error.

Applying Concealer

  • Dabbing Concealer As mentioned earlier, the best concealers are those in pots. This allows them to be dabbed on lightly with the help of a specially designed concealer brush, preventing caking later in the day.
  • Blending Once a little concealer has been dabbed onto the area, is should be blended in lightly, again using the brush and avoiding too much pressure. If necessary, a little more may be dabbed on, again followed by careful blending.
  • Inner Corners If necessary, a small amount of concealer dabbed and blended into the inner corner of the eye will add a brightening effect.
  • Setting Concealers After applying the concealer, applying a dusting of translucent, shimmering powder, using a soft eye-shadow brush, will set the concealer and add further brightness.
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